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more>>Solid CBN inserts

Solid CBN inserts is also Solid CBN,cubic boron nitride inserts,cbn tips. it user for finishing, semi-finishing and roughing; Multi-cutting edge, high utilization rate, suitable for large cutting depth and high speed cutting

more>>PCBN braze inserts

PCBN braze inserts is also caller PCBN braze inserts,cubic boron nitride tools,cbn tips,cbn inserts. it can meet roughing, finishing and wide use, and can meet the processing environment of large depth of cut.

more>>Multi-tipped PCBN inserts

CBN inserts have a long life and can be used for roughing and finishing. A wide range of tools can be used to meet a variety of cutting environments

more>>PCD inserts

PCD inserts are mainly used for finish machining the hard materials such as nonferrous metals materials (copper、aluminum、aluminum alloy and copper alloy) ,ceramic materials, all kinds of fiber materials ,stone, rubber , artificial board, tungsten carbide,

more>>PCD/PCBN blank

Maximum diameter of PCD blank, PCBN blank, pcd cutting tool blank, pcbn cutting tool blank 62mm

more>>Diamond Grinding Wheels

Vitrified bond or resin bond diamond grinding wheels mainly used for machining pcd cutting tools, pcbn cutting tools, cvd tools, mcd tools, milling cutter, reamer, drill and regrinding, etc

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